About me

Hi! 👋 My name is Vikram Shenoy. Thanks for stopping by my personal website. This is a place for me to share my (mostly half baked!) ideas and thoughts on a variety of topics. I write to think.

“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.” — David McCollough.

A little bit about me (as of Dec 2023)

  • I was born and raised in Bangalore, India and still live here with my wife and 8 year old son.
  • I spent a few years in the US working with Deloitte (out of graduate school). Post Deloitte, I co-founded Magoosh, a startup in the ed-tech space.
  • Post Magoosh, I moved back to India and founded Bizweb.in, a product startup that served Small and Medium Sized Businesses in India. Bizweb.in didn't work out, but I learnt a lot from the experience.
  • Post Bizweb.in, I rejoined Deloitte to help launch Deloitte Studios in India and have spent the last 10 years scaling Deloitte Digital. I'm currently a Managing Director at Deloitte Digital.
  • I work at the intersection of design, technology, and culture. I am passionate about building great products and differentiated work cultures where people bring their best selves to work. I strongly subscribe to the Peter Drucker quote "Design eats strategy for breakfast" and have invested a lot of my time in building what I believe is one of the best work cultures in the country. You'll find a lot of my thoughts on work culture on this website.
  • I read a lot. Like a lot. Books have had a huge impact on my life and career. I mostly read non-fiction books that I can learn something from. You can find links to books that I recommend on this website.
  • I love coffee and have invested a lot of time(far too much!) in learning how to identify high quality beans and brew coffee the right way!
  • I'm a life long learner and explorer and hope to retain that curiosity as I get older. I explore for the sake of exploration, without expectation.
  • I love travel. Traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures and perspectives have helped me become a better, more well rounded individual.
  • I believe in growth without goals.