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Gen AI Use Cases that I'm excited about

Much like everyone else around me, I've spent a lot of time going down the Gen AI rabbit hole. Here are a few Gen AI use cases that excite me the most.

Education -
This is the use case that excites me the most. With Gen AI, we have the tools to solve most of the challenges in the education ecosystem today. My 8-year-old kid is all-in on learning using Gen AI. He uses Synthesis, an engaging Gen AI product to learn math. He also uses Chat GPT to learn about diverse topics like algebra, Rubik's cubes, and designing robots for his robotics class. The AI is able to understand his learning pace and style and adapts to him. He's able to ask a lot of whys and hows and make learning an adventure. Best of all, I don't have to push him to do any of this. It feels like play to him. That's the holy grail for education - learn while feeling like it's play. We are entering an era of high-quality, personalized, always-available, accessible, affordable, and engaging tutoring, all in the language of your choice and tailored to an individual's curiosity and interests.

Search -
On a recent trip to Abu Dhabi, I used Perplexity.ai, a search engine that uses best-of-breed Gen AI models, and ChatGPT as my default search engine and digital guide. I was blown away by how relevant and useful the results were. I didn't have to sift through links and ads to figure out the right info - the relevant response was right there. It responded to diverse queries with great accuracy and relevance - from planning my trip to suggesting theme parks to visit and pinpointing the rides my family would enjoy

At a museum, I captured photos of exhibits and had Chat GPT explain their significance to me. I was also able to use Chat GPT's voice feature and convert queries into conversations without having to constantly look at my phone.

There is still some friction in the experience, but that will only get better over time. A total game-changing experience overall. Perplexity is now my default search engine. The era of search as we know it is coming to an end with huge implications for the incumbents.

Dynamic UI -
Today, most experiences incorporate elements of AI and Gen AI. But what excites me the most is a new generation of products that are Gen AI first. Today, most user interfaces are mostly one size fits all. You can customize and personalize them to an extent but they don't evolve over time based on how you use an application. With Gen AI, we are heading towards a world where UI dynamically changes based on user needs, content types, and usage patterns. This will lead to simpler, more "human" experiences. A UI for an app might look drastically different from the UI that my mom might see. Dynamic, personalized content and marketing are the low-hanging fruit, while hyper-personalized end-to-end experiences are the holy grail.

Customer Service -
Remember the 2018 Google Video where an AI makes a call to a restaurant to make a reservation? Building such a system is now easily achievable with the top Gen AI models available today, and it has huge implications for customer service. An always-on helpful AI service agent can transform customer service as we know it. In many situations, it can be proactive and solve problems even before customers reach out. For example, when my broadband connection goes down, an AI service agent can automatically trigger a request to the broadband company, analyze the cause of the disruption, chat with the right service professionals and send professionals to my home if my device needs to be replaced.

AI Agents/Personal Assistants -
We are heading into a world where we will have hyper-personalized AI agents that we use for a variety of tasks. The examples above covered agents that are focused on customer service but it's easy to see how this will expand to many more tasks, activities, and use cases - agents that help manage health and habits, assist with investing, and manage travel and many more. We'll probably be able to combine all these agents into a unified experience that becomes our personal assistant/concierge/copilot that helps us with our day to day life. This will likely be true with the enterprise as well - with AI agents proliferating all parts of a business.

Leveling the communication playing field - Gen AI models that enable real-time language translations have the potential to remove language barriers and enable talent from smaller towns and villages in India (and around the world) to participate in the global jobs market even if there are not well versed in English or even speak the language. This was not possible until now and can have a transformational impact on talent around the world.

What Gen AI use cases excite you the most?