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Product Management

There’s a lot of awesome content/advice on how to become a good product manager. But none of that advice is helpful if you don’t have a bias for execution. As a product manager, you get paid for exercising your judgment. And the best way to improve your judgment is to conceptualise, create, put your creation in front of users and iterate. And spend a lot of time understanding the “why” behind the success and failure of products in the marketplace.

We now have the tools and technologies at our disposal to conceptualise, tinker with and test ideas quickly. One way to start is to build something that solves a real problem for yourself. Start with a user base of one. And then put your creation in front of other users to see if they find it useful. Test, tweak, generate “aha moments” and learn along the way. If you can do that consistently, you are well on your way to becoming a top-notch product manager.