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Go back to first principles. Question everything

Software companies have largely shifted to remote work in the last few months. A lot of what we thought was impossible in a remote setup is now the norm. The forced shift to remote work has upended age-old beliefs on work culture, what works and what doesn’t.

This is the right time to go back to first principles. A great place to start might be with meetings and project/product management processes. Zoom calls have replaced a lot of in-person interactions. Most of the processes from the pre-COVID era are still in place. Do you need that meeting? Can it be an email or a Teams/Slack message instead? Or an IM? Do you need those standup meetings every day? Instead of getting 20 people on a demo call, perhaps you can record a video, and stakeholders can comment when they want to.

Don’t stop there. Take a fresh look at all your preconceived notions about processes, teams, and culture. And all other aspects of running a company.

Don’t try to just replicate what worked pre-COVID in a remote setup. Go back to the drawing board and question everything.